Welcome to the World of Membership Camping!


If you like to camp, you owe it to yourself to check out the many benefits of membership camping. When you're a member, you enjoy many benefits that you just can't put a price on. For example, think how much fun it would be when you go camping and the friendly people that check you in actually know your name. How about reserving your site weeks in advance and knowing that it will be waiting for you even if you get there at 11PM? What about camping for free? What about camping for free at over 80 resorts across the country?

And this is just the tip of the iceburg. Interested?

Membership camping is the best deal in the RV industry!

Look at these benefits when you join The Club/Lake Gaston Resort:

  • Free Reservations
  • Free Camping
  • Fantastic Amenities
  • Level concrete sites, all with full hookups
  • Private Country Club Atmosphere
  • Ownerships that you can pass on to an Heir
  • Free Camping at over 80 other resorts
  • Condominiums across the world for as little as $99 a week
  • Discount camping at over 150 other campgrounds

If you are tired of paying public rates to camp, visit us and we'll show you how great membership camping can be. More resorts, more amenities, better properties, better sites and fewer hassles mean better vacations.

Don't pay public prices again!

Is it all free?

Well, no... How could we provide you with multi-million dollar amenities without having any income? Our customers select a camping program that suits their camping style. They purchase the camping program that best fits their needs and then they pay an annual maintenance fee to the Resort Association. The Resort Association then manages the resort, pays all the bills, maintains the property and provides for the mutual enjoyment of the resort by all members. Membership means savings from "the power of many". Can you say "Sam's Club, BJ's, credit unions"?

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Are you ready to visit?

If you would like to find out more about THE CLUB/Lake Gaston Resort, why don't you set up an appointment to visit us. We can provide you with all the information you will need for you to determine if what we offer is right for you. While it may be intimidating sometimes to talk to someone about a product, we assure you there won't be any high pressure sales tactics. Rich and his gang are here to provide you with information and straight forward answers to your questions. We want you to be an informed buyer who feels good about the recreation program they selected, not someone who feels they didn't get all the information.